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Remodeling is simply taking an existing structure and making it your own. It can be minimal changes to dramatice overhalls. The process can be very exiting and rewarding.

Updating or remodeling your existing home is a wonderful way to keep up with your changing life style while adding value to your biggest investment.
Since 1990 I have been working with home owners to design new homes or remodel their homes to suite their changing needs and preferences. I have worked on just about every style of home. Designing specifically for your lot, we can take full advantage of any and all views and sunlight according to your needs. It is very important to take the entire home into consideration to create a unity that blends the new with the old.
 After years of bidding complete projects we can use tricks of the trade to get the most house and the best features for your money.


Cornerstone Custom Design

Architectural design and drafting service since 1992
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